Wilderness Voice Stop Dying. How to know your own Heart?

               There is only one way to truly know your own heart. God knows your heart as it is, but humans cannot see the heart like God does without a revealer. We can want our hearts to be a certain way. We can believe our hearts are a certain way. We can even say our hearts are a certain way, but without the revealer we cannot know for sure. It is through the things we experience that reveals our hearts to us. Job was a man of commitment to God and righteousness. But to what level? God knew what was in Job’s heart, but Job did not know what was in his own heart. That kind of knowledge comes only through experience. We may not always know why we experience certain things in life, but we can know for sure that those experiences will reveal what’s in our hearts.

Matthew 7:20 Thus you will recognize them by their fruits

At the heart,

Pastor Rick